Friday, March 14, 2014

we try a new place

for lunch! - in the Cortez fishing village.... Tide Tables co-owned by Karen Bell of AP Bell Fish and Ice Company located in the heart of Cortez' waterside...

we had seen it on the Captain Patsy boat tour last weekend and figured with the glorious weather we were having Star Fish Company (also Karen Bell) would be jammed so we would try this new place- right under the Cortez bridge to AMI (Anna Maria Island) -

it was not as atmospheric as Star Fish Co and I think the food was slightly better at Star Fish Co but you never know until you try - so this would be a back up if things are beyond crazy at SFC---

so next time I would say Star Fish Co first then the back up plan is this place- good enough but not in the #1 slot... but they do have table service which Star Fish does not- so it is a tiny bit more upscale....

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