Sunday, May 31, 2015

watch this space

I know I am behind on posting- we returned late Thursday and here it is already Sunday morning... I promise lots of fun photos and meals in Amsterdam and when we got back - 28 hours after we got back we had an outstanding meal at 42 grams! and tonight a pop up restaurant Claudia - scheduled for dinner.... so there will be many more posts- but right this minute I am editing photos in preparation for the posts - so bear with me! I will be back- and just so you know there is more in store - here are a couple of teasers...

you can play a matching game with them- while I am "gone"

here are the answers -

  • a detail from Rembrandt's Nightwatch
  • souvenirs in the flower market
  • train station at The Hague
  • the Mesdag Panorama
see you again soon!

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