Monday, June 1, 2015

out of superlatives

We hadn't been to 42 grams since last October 28th - our scheduled return from the winter get-away being right at the time Jake & Alexa were away for a week - and then we headed to NYC and Europe for our three weeks away- so we ended up making it there on May 29th...

We were happy to book the chef's counter at the early hour because we would be back a sum total of 28 hours by the time we sat down for our meal (which still would be around 1 AM Amsterdam time...) but hey - it was so worth it! I have to tell you I have run out of superlatives to describe Jake's creativity and perfect execution when it comes to the food at 42 grams.  Some of the new courses immediately became favorites and some old favorites are still on the menu (thank God!) so we were winners all around-

so off we go - for our Friday night meal at the (no longer under the EL tracks - they were taken down) neighborhood two Michelin stars spectacular cuisine of 42 grams!

first my new favorite course and then I will get back to everything in order-

and if you think it is some kind of picnic making a meal like this for eight people - check out the kitchen staff photos interspersed between the courses- these people work hard and are busy the entire time we - the patrons are there...

so the courses in order as they are on the menu above- the champagne and red we brought to accompany this magnificent feast!

the red was very young - so we aerated it but still has lots and lots of time-

the vichyssoise -

before and after the liquid was added (do it yourself - and that is all they can trust us with - a prepared exact portion to pour over the course by ourselves- LOL)

our centerpieces are now lovely little gardens-

ah - the new favorite course!  Carabineros


salmon (two views)

another favorite - "sunflower"

porcelet - basically pork belly perfected- LOL

OMG foie gras shaved over crispy sweetbreads! yes we had it before but the reality is so sublime there is no way memory could serve -

the A5 wagyu - a signature dish that is still "to-die-for" - now had this dish no less than five times and each time it is virtually orgasmic...

love love loved this earl grey tea course- my idea of dessert!

the palate cleanser of "tart" yuzu in a white chocolate sphere that bursts in your mouth!

the new dessert - an asian slant that I felt might take a bit of getting your palate up to speed - not unlike the first time you taste red bean ice cream - a completely new experience - which once accustomed to-  you love (or at least we do...) one of its ingredients is dulse (which is also an acquired taste - which we had in New Brunswick last summer - sun dried on the beach when the tides were out- it tastes of the sea and is a treat well known in the Maritimes of Canada.)

coffee doesn't get any better than this- I wish all coffee tasted exactly the same- well - maybe I don't because they might have to send me to rehab for an new addiction...

a final quick review of an amazing meal - thank you thank you thank you Jake, Alexa, Andrew, Daniel and staff... fabulous meal!!!

and the good news is- we are already ticketed for our next visit - when Steve & Suzanne visit from PDX this summer!  Can't wait to share this place with them!

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