Monday, June 1, 2015

The Hague day trip

So even though we got a bit of a slow start on the museums we wanted to visit - the Friday in the Netherlands we went full-bore.  This was predicted to be the best weather so off we went on the train - which took roughly an hour-  to The Hague - political capital of the Netherlands and the seat of Parliament.

we took the tram to the station and then bought tickets in a machine and headed to the track where the train was coming through on the way to our destination.

When we got to The Hague we found a very modern train station complex but a quick walk took us into the old section of town - where we made our first stop at the Mauritshuis Museum (a sort of Frick Collection for the Netherlands.) This is the location of several Rembrandts and Vermeers within a sum total of sixteen smallish rooms -not huge galleries like most museums - this is house (mansion) sized....

we arrive at the Mauritshuis -

so we found the collection astounding-

and two of the best known works in the collection- the Goldfinch and the Girl with a Pearl Earring (once a part of the Six Collection)

and just a pattern and texture shot of the lockers located in the museum

since this has gone on quite long I will continue the The Hague explorations in a further post- so stay tuned for the Mesdag Panorama and the "new herring" season...

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