Saturday, June 6, 2015

art art and more art

Well I could probably do several posts on the art we saw in the Netherlands - the don't call them the Dutch Masters for nothing... but I will spare you the blow by blow and try to just give you an overview and "tasting menu" -

These are just a few of the amazing things we saw in the Rijksmuseum -

I found this dog so appealing I took a photo of him nearly twenty years ago when I first visited the Rijksmuseum - oddly despite the fact that I am twenty years older (19 to be exact) he has not changed a bit!

but on to the museum itself-

we did the second floor first and then worked our way down stairs to the newer eras---

the rendering of the lace and gold embroidery is magnificent!

the hand and its shadow - the very essence of aesthetic arrest for me- the details of these massive paintings are what awes me...


I love this best of all marriage portraits because they actually seem to be happy!

maybe the celebrated with oysters from a nearby painting?

the crowds in front of Vermeer's milkmaid - even the Girl with the Pearl Earring or the Goldfinch caused this Mona Lisa like phenomenon...


even in the museum it is spargle season!

here is an interesting idea- we could certainly use these in our airports and shopping malls and museums etc...

so at this point I will leave the Rijksmuseum and go on to the nearby Van Gogh...

there are no photos inside the museum so here are some from the walk between the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum- a parade of bunnies---

the brochure and tickets-

and a postcard I bought of a cool Van Gogh I was not familiar with- he used sand in the mixture of the paint of the sea and sky-

I don't think this shows as well as on the picture - wish I could have taken a close up- but the little specks are actually grains of sand!

we still have the Hermitage Amsterdam to cover and a couple of magnificent meals- so come on back - there's more.....always more-

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