Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Just a quick post on the Phil Friedman afternoon snack of choice in Amsterdam-

Because of the location between the tram stop and our hotel we managed to pass by here every afternoon during our eight days in Amsterdam... LOL - the excellent fries lured Phil first a few days into the trip and then by the end I had succumbed as well -

He knew it would be a good place because there was always a line out the door- and when he stopped the first day the local in front of him said his personal study of the frites places in Amsterdam led him to put this spot in Number 1!

these were first rate FRITES- the double fried crispy kind where the oil is soaking all the way through... the fries you are always looking for!

so all I can tell you is go to the Spui tram stop for lines 1, 2 and 5 and head toward the Herrengracht canal - it is on the side street just off Spui Square... you will recognize it by the red and white checked cones they use for serving the frites!

highly recommended!

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