Friday, March 9, 2018

still alive

yes I am very much still alive despite a full month since the last post- the month has been busy busy busier than usual.  We moved- yes there is a DSM code for what we did... but we did it anyway.  Now that we have come out the other side (or somewhat out- LOL) I can go back and post about the amazing things we did beside moving last month.  First let's go backward form last night...

Last night was one of two theater nights for us in the last month. We saw the theatrical production of Shakespeare in Love.  This is one of my all time favorite films and we recently saw it again - which only reinforced its appeal.

here is my thumbnail review of last night's production- excellent script - excellent staging- excellent scenery and terrific acting but for on issue.  Unfortunately it was a problematic one- the leading lady has a speech impediment. She is severely retrognathic and cannot clearly enunciate.  in an otherwise perfect production this was a bad distraction.  A real shame because the transition to stage from film actually was handled quite well.

an enjoyable evening despite the flaw- perhaps the next time this production is staged the leading lady will be a luminous as in the original film - a magical joyful movie that reminded us all of why we love movies!

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