Wednesday, September 10, 2014

lovely lunenburg

This town is what brought us to Nova Scotia (kinda sorta) - LOL. In reality we came for the Acadian story but Phil has long been a fan of the Cisco Systems commercial starring Lunenburg school kids and their cyber "pen pals" in China... the schools are hooked together (according to the commercial) via Cisco Systems software and the town is shown at its absolutely most charming in the same...

we are staying overnight and it is a small town so we have plenty of time to explore the confines of the UNESCO boundary-

the first order of business- after checking in to the Lunenburg Arms hotel- was ice cream.  Our lunch was small and somewhat unsatisfying so we were more than ready for our afternoon snack! LOL

then a walk around the commercial areas and the wharf-

the downtown has fish decorations on every street light- LOL

many of the buildings are painted very gaily!

and the commercial establishments are having some fun too- here the "dollar store" is named for their one and two dollar coins the loonie and toonie...

there are conflicting claims for the oldest house-

we get down to the wharf area-

the light blue building in the upper left is our hotel - our room looks this way-  the second floor from the top left hand side (where there are two windows next to the chimney)

a place we looked at for the following day's lunch but didn't end up going-

detail of a home on the way back up hill to the hotel-

another view of our room- the two windows adjacent to the chimney - on the second floor from the top-

many houses have plaques like this - everything is old- LOL - not just us...

more views from the wharf-

the next day we have lunch - a delicious lunch - at the Grand Banker - lobster rolls and a shared Cleopatra salad... then a shared blueberry crumble dessert- excellent way to start the day- by then the bus load of oldsters had left the museum parking lot and we went to the virtually empty museum to check it out...

house made chips were fab!

they have an actual aquarium in the ground floor of the museum but we found the fish and historical exhibits of more interest-

you could  learn to gut a fish with a plastic knife and fake innards! LOL

lots of info on the once vast fishing industry -

and other activities of the men of the sea---LOL

some crafts made by sailors-

instruments used - including a wireless set during the war-

a tribute to a local artist who painted with a brush in his teeth as he was quadriplegic-

a model office from the 1920s

some other things fishermen need - LOL - include a pipe!

some local history -

a model of a sail making shop-

from here we were off to Halifax for the final two nights of our trip... and oh by the way - we had a horrible meal with good food at Lincoln Street Food the night we were in Lunenburg- definitely not recommended unless you have a burning desire to eat with a party of ten plopped right down in the middle of the restaurant with six of the ten under 10 years old... we complained to the staff about why they weren't put in the back so as to not disturb those who wanted a less disrupted meal and were told that this party had requested to be in the center of the restaurant and regularly spent lots of money there- and so the other diners can go fuck themselves.... despite this being a place where you would generally have a tab of triple digits.  Forewarned is forearmed!

the great news is - we are ending the trip in the culinary capital of Nova Scotia and are about to have two great dinners before we head back home... yeah!

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