Sunday, September 7, 2014

sunny summer sunday

so we had tickets to see the Cubs on this absolutely spectacular Sunday afternoon... they were playing the Pirates -s in reality neither of us had a team to win or lose with the game - but still - the clear blue sky and the 71* temperature made it a perfect day for a baseball game... so off we went-

It was especially nice to see Wrigley before it is ruined by the a**h*le owners, the Ricketts- who plan on putting up all kinds of new TV monitors and electronic scoreboards so they can ruin the historic feel of Wrigley Field baseball- what jerks!

As we were leaving the game (we had a dinner engagement that began at 5 PM) Phil caught a fly ball (his fifth ball caught at games!- four in Chicago and one in St Louis) - so that made his day - the Cards (his team) won and he had beautiful weather at Wrigley and he caught a ball!

Then off we went to the Chicago Riverwalk for dinner at Cyrano's on the River- a Chicago Gourmets event featuring a caviar accented menu- celebrating Monet's is the menu-

and here is the food-

and here is the setting-

It was a fabulous night to be outside for dinner... and as evening fell - our dinner lasted four and a half hours- the temperature didn't drop below a comfortable 68* and plenty of folks in boat traffic on the river were enjoying it with us...

so tomorrow - dinner with Mon & Beth at our favorite place for soup dumplings and for me- back to blogging about the Maritimes during the day....

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