Monday, September 8, 2014

the Fundy Trail

on the next day we were off to do the Fundy Trail and visit the sea caves area at low tide and "walk on the sea floor" -  I really am not sure why this is such a touted thing, because anyone who has walked at the water's edge when the tide was out at any coast line has pretty much done the same thing - except that here the distance is greater from the "former" shore line to the "low tide" shore line.

we pass the harbor on the way out to the caves - you can see the tide is very low-

then on to the sea floor- signs show the UNESCO designated world geologic park- Stone Hammer...

the above scale shows the geologic era of the various rock formations in the Bay of Fundy followed by the schematic of the same thing-

now out on to the sea floor - which really was just a bunch of rocks - no fabulous sea shells left behind or even any fish (although I guess they wouldn't live long if they didn't learn to go out with the tide- LOL) we did see the path of the freshwater stream that runs into the bay area here - still streaming regardless of the level of the tide... note the "sea cave" opening in the center of the photo below-

Dulse still attached to the rocks-

the guy (upper right hand corner) in the photo below really gives perspective on the size of the area-

then we are off to the Fundy Trail itself...

we have lunch overlooking the Salmon River-

an old portable saw mill stands in ruins near the visitors center where we had a picnic lunch-

we head on northeast to the end of the current road-

back over the Salmon River-

then back into town and south to the St Martins lighthouse and the "narrows" in front of it-

a final shot as the sun was going down of the salt marsh where Acadians once diked the area into arable land - evidence of the dike remains in the straight lines of ditches through the marsh where there was once irrigation...

back at the Inn - no music tonight... more tomorrow when we hear the lovely acapella singing of Before the Mast- at a private concert for us.... but before that we had a wonderful lecture on all kinds of topics from Nancy Sears (really interesting info from her) and then some time with Jackie Bartlett on Tea and Cheese combos-

we had already packed and were ready to get out of "Dodge" when the group ended their after dinner concert. And an hour later were ensconced in the luxury of our well air-conditioned room with the king size bed at the Chateau St. John in St. John - ready to hit the ground running in the morning with a ferry to Digby, Nova Scotia. School's out and we are on the road!!!!!

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