Thursday, December 8, 2011

korcula up next

we left for an evening sail to Korcula town on Korcula island in Croatia.  it wasn't too many hours before we arrived because we were pulling into the harbor when as we finished dinner.  we left for an evening stroll through the completely deserted old town and hunted for a wi-fi signal.  the next morning we were out right after breakfast because our small ship had pulled right up to the dock along the side of the old walled city.

Korcula is famous as the birthplace of Marco Polo.  the city is laid out in the fish bone pattern used by many of the oldest cities along the Dalmatian Coast.  this layout kept things cool in the summer heat and warmer in the winter winds.  during our tour we saw two small local museums and the main church. 

we found a wonderful cookie shop (upon guide Petra's recommendation.) we hooked up to the Internet to clear emails and keep in touch and enjoyed a leisurely drink with one of our fellow travelers (Larry from Victoria BC) whose wife was off shopping.  I took some time out for photographs - especially of the turquoise waters, but mostly just walked - exploring areas of the town I hadn't seen in 2005 when I last visited. below you can see the fish bone pattern in the narrow curving streets of town.

and then some photos of the beautiful water of the Adriatic

we had dinner on board and left for our next destination around 3AM.  I awoke just as we were pulling away from the dock and watched the ship quite silently slip out of port.  next stop is Montenegro and our departure is timed for us to enter the Boca Kotorska Bay just after breakfast so we all can enjoy the magnificent scenery on the way through the three successive fjord-like bays.

meanwhile here is my favorite photo from Korcula on this trip-

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