Friday, December 9, 2011


Sibenik is a small town filled with lots of churches.  the core of the town is all pedestrian as it is built into the side of a hill and the narrow alley like streets are traversed by stairs. 

we did see a number of lovely churches including one that is a UNESCO listed site- that included a magnificent baptistery and amazing carved heads adorning the exterior

we didn't spend a lot of time in town since there are only two or three main streets.  we did have a nice lunch on the waterfront where Phil had Pizza and I had cevapcici (I know we aren't in Bosnia anymore but since we have been on the coast I have eaten a lot of fish and seafood and so meat seemed like a nice change)

the morning after our arrival to Sibenik we took a bus to Krka Falls (can I buy a vowel please?) where we spent time in the national park and then visited an open air historical museum that portrayed the village life in the mountainous areas of the Dalmatian Coast.

one more stop on the coast before we leave the ship... but it is a good one so stay tuned!

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