Monday, October 29, 2012

doing things versus getting things done

OK so the title tells it all-

there is a big difference between doing things and getting thngs done- this week I will be doing things - rather than getting things done-

social schedule is booked pretty heavily-

last night we had dinner with Phil's folkie friends at the expensive and mediocre City Winery- will try to avoid that one again- then saw Cheryl Wheeler in concert there.  would go see her again- funny touching lovely lady with a mellow approach to life (although her wife may not agree - LOL)

I went to the concert because I like he song "My Cat's Birthday" - look it up and listen if you don't know it - it is really funny about a blow out birthday party her cat had in their back yard for his 15th birthday. 

Today - lunch with Kathy - who is going back to work after two months of retirement (some people don't take to it quite as well as I have- LOL) then dinner with Neil who is headed back to FLA on Thursday---

Tomorrow- dinner at Ante Prima with Brian and Tina (who we met at the Drouhin event about two weeks ago and hit it off with)

Wednesday-  lunch with Mick to catch up and then dinner at Goosefoot! (love that place and Chris and Nina!)

Thursday- lunch with John our accountant to find out how much more we have to make in tax deposits for the year end in order not to get into trouble-

Friday- Phil's big day- he is scheduled for lasik surgery to get rid of the contacts and the glasses and just go to driving glasses.... instead of the four pair he now uses-
so hopefully all the tsuris around that will end on Friday....

and the weekend I will be getting ready for my close up- LOL- actually no visuals- I am going to host a radio show on Sunday morning - be the DJ and play music I have selected - more on that after I know how it goes----

so I am not getting things done (my remaining blog entries and the photos etc) because I am doing things...LOL- now obviously to the extent I can get things done while doing things I will so don't give up on the trip yet- up next is the Baltic Herring Festival in Helsinki! wouldn't want to miss that would you? LOL

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