Monday, October 29, 2012

more to see in Helsinki

on our last full day in Helsinki we took the tram around town and stopped at the Rock church and the Natural History Museum and then saw the interior of the Lutheran Cathedral... had a quick lunch in the cafe at the museum and a nice late afternoon rest - then on for our last meal here this trip at Nokka...

the tram map and ticket:

our first hop off the rock church- which was built in a year and is quite impressive- especially the copper coil ceiling-

then we walked to the natural history/history museum:

then back on the tram and around town until we got to the cathedral:

then a walk back to the hotel and out later for our dinner at overpriced Nokka- high expectations dashed with a beautiful but not at all exciting meal-

they certainly put a lot of effort into their business card if not customer service-

this amuse was the best course, I thought-

wild duck and pumpkin again--- how original- LOL

the underwhelming cheese course-

foam on gravel? I can't recall----

finally dessert!

I almost hesitate to put in their card lest you call them for a reservation- do not- the expense is not justified by the experience- but they do have an excellent graphic designer doing their printed materials and logo-

back to the hotel to pack- a late breakfast tomorrow because it was Saturday and then a flight (one hour) to Stockholm....

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