Thursday, November 1, 2012

we interrupt our regularly scheduled programming

the interruption is due to another incredible meal at the inestimable Goosefoot, by Chef Chris Nugent.

we went for Halloween night and so the menu had a little twist- fonts decipherable only by other worldly beings only- LOL

OK even with the largest setting the font is a challenge so I will label the courses-

an amuse of beet and citrus olive oil - followed by the menu items in order:

the wines we chose-  an 89 Beaune and 00 Chassagne... the Chassagne kicked butt!

scallop course with lobster -

an amazing custard stuffed egg

the sweet corn soup (to die for - this was its last day on the menu and I tried to get carryout of the left overs)

the well prepared char-

excellent duck breast course-

the beef course with the truffles- yum!

the goat cheese in phyllo-

palate cleanser of pomegranate juice with yuzu

the pumpkin covered in white chocolate with a citrus flavored cream -

and the final dessert of chocolate and hazelnut-

oops I spoke too soon- one more---

you don't eat the stump- LOL it is just a serving piece-

spectacular fun to see Chris and Nina again- they are just such great down to earth people- we wish them both all the best---

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