Thursday, November 1, 2012

Monday in Stockholm

so Monday came around and we headed to Skansen the first open air museum in the world- (1891) -

we walked across town to the hop on hop off bus (waving our tickets as we ran toward the bus as it was leaving the stop- OH NO!  - they only run once an hour- OH YES - the bus driver - our hero-  drives up to pick us up rather than make us run all the way to the stop- fat old people running - scary sight - we thanked him profusely and got on! YEA! ) 

this is not the whole map- I couldn't fit it all n the scanner-

the day is overcast but we take umbrellas to ward off the rain- LOL

we enter the "park" and start off our explorations first we visited the "urban area"







from here we went on to the country manor house and then the farms but I will put those in an additional post as this one has gotten quite long in photos-

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