Sunday, October 28, 2012

exploring Helsinki

we started out with a lovely breakfast at the locally sourced mostly organic breakfast restaurant in the hotel.  the rolls were not as good as the Copenhagen ones but alas - danish bakeries are special.  but they did have fabulous smoked salmon and excellent bacon as well as eggs that were kept hot...

we then ventured out and across the street to the old food hall- OMG - this place was incredible - as you will see in the photos... this is a post only about the food we saw INDOORS at the food hall... there are so many photos the herring festival will get its own post.

reindeer - elk - bear pate anyone? the riista must just be a mixed lot because it translates as game pate---

so - I didn't lie this place was amazing! how about the salmon? how about the gravlax? how about the multi kinds of roe/caviar?????  sure wish we had one of these around the corner from where we live....

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