Monday, October 29, 2012

finally we complete day one

in Helsinki- it has been an eventful day in terms of sights seen and meals so let's round it out with our after lunch touring and then our dinner at Muru (for Phil's birthday)

along the way we kept seeing people stopping at posters with all kinds of photos on them- turns out these are the candidates in the upcoming elections and you can see the numbers they will be listed on for the balloting

then we walked by the Russian orthodox church - located on a huge rock hilltop

we left the area and crossed a bridge which has become the one where folks lock u their love--- LOL

here is an usual sign (for U.S. visitors) showing the DAD and kid crossing versus a unisex creature and kid-

the Lutheran church Helsinki cathedral-

nearing the hotel- I spied this lovely fall cabbage flower planter-

then our dinner at Muru- where we decided on the tasting menu and let the waiter guide us through the no written menu- we started with an appetizer I forgot to photograph or lost it or whatever- then the main course beef-

the fabulous cheese course with the cheddar below

and dessert of course-

cozy place- only sat about thirty people-

their card:

we walked home after our long long day and fell into bed- tomorrow brings us another chance to see more of lovely Helsinki!

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