Monday, October 29, 2012

we take a long walk to lunch

so we head off from the herring festival and produce market area to the south along the water front- until we get to a fork in the road where we walk uphill into a park which overlooks the harbor and the ferry terminal.  then we head through the embassy area to another park which is where we catch up with the waterfront again and we wend our way back to the food hall and end up eating right across the street again at Havis- where the seafood is recommended and we have their "Helsinki" menu for lunch- a stunningly well done meal with friendly service and bread to die for- it was so good you will get to see every single course--- LOL

so off we go- but first - I have to say that you really have to love a place where the stuffed animals are many varieties of FISH- forget cuddly pandas and teddy bears - this is a country of strong resilient people who have lived next door to Russia for centuries - none of that "wuss" stuff for them!



all signs are in Finnish and Swedish so the outsiders have a sporting chance of finding their way around--- LOL

and our circuit brought us back near the old food hall and the lunch I was raving about above-

  cream of mushroom soup and salmon tartare were our appetizers (shared)

then we each had the perch - fabulously prepared-

 the two course lunch was 24.90 Euros but we had a coupon for 10% off so we had it for that price including the tip- and as I mentioned it was excellent-

so renewed - we set off anew for our first afternoon in Helsinki.

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