Monday, June 17, 2013

amazon sunsets

as we head off into the sunset of our cruise time on the Amazon River- I thought I would post some sunset photos and some other miscellaneous photos-

I was surprised to find these fairly clear toucans among my photos when a did some close cropping of a river bank photo-

then two of the five of us got ambitious and went kayaking at sunset- or at least Ray paddled and Aaron went along- LOL

then we got a pretty nice sunset-

with Venus in the sky on the horizon-

this was one from another night-

and when we did see the blue sky - it was lovely-

but more frequently this was the view as we went down the exterior (no interior) stairs to dinner- or lunch - or sometimes even breakfast- LOL

several nights by the light of the moon- were quite lovely- so we did see both the Southern Cross and the big dipper in the night sky! Cool!

our home away from home - as the cruise draws to a close and we get ready to head back to Quito. 

but there is one more photo waiting for us at the dock-  a fancy guy all dressed up for the gals!

and we are off- parting ways with our super traveling companions of the last five days: Patrick, Ray and Aaron (we will cross paths with Patrick in about a week from this day in Guayaquil at the Hilton Colon as we were headed back home to Chicago and he was nearing the end of his trip and anxious to get back to his family in Switzerland... small world....

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