Sunday, June 16, 2013

more amazon adventures

Our first big adventure was on the second day - we took the canoe and went along the river until Raul saw a spot he thought would be a good place to take a hike in the jungle-

we wear our rubber boots (thank god!) and trek into the jungle-

we slipped our way back through the jungle to the river (or I did) and down into the canoe- Raul is very strong and basically manhandles me from the muddy river bank into the canoe - only one knee of my pants is covered in mud... however- being a full service and very service oriented boat - my pants are hosed down (along with the boots) when we get back on the boat and they are quickly turned over to the "laundry" - I have them back right after dinner!!!!

here is the lunch we returned to- (or maybe it was dinner that day- LOL)

next up - a river trip on a black water river!

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