Tuesday, June 18, 2013

the presidential inauguration

so we returned from the Amazon and found out our hotel would be blocked off from the car and driver who were transporting us from the airport to city center Quito. 

why? well you probably already guessed from the title of the post that it was because the presidential inauguration was taking place that day (didn't anyone in the local DMC know this when they booked us into the place???)

anyway - we again had the body building Andreas as our driver so we parked about six blocks from the hotel and he CARRIED our luggage to the hotel while we took the carry on bags - our room is even nicer than before and as luck would have it - overlooks the Plaza of the old city.  This is the good news bad news - the good news is we had a front row seat for all the politicians parading amongst hoi polloi and the bad news is the celebration lasted until late in the evening.  The other not so great news is we can't really explore the old city in the way we intended (remember I was sick the last time we spent the afternoon here) because of the police barricades.

oh well- perhaps we will return to Quito some day and spend more time in the highlands that we so enjoyed.... travel teaches flexibility....

we parked not too far from the cathedral- and walked in - Andreas talked his way through the police barricades for us and got somewhat closer before we had to get out and walk the remainder - the room couldn't have been nicer -

these roses were just amazingly beautiful- grown in the nearby highlands!

they obviously have a surplus of rose petals- LOL

the plaza during the day before the president arrived from the Senate where he was sworn in - and-  lit up late in the night (after the crowds had somewhat dispersed from in front of their White House)

off the next morning to the Galapagos... stay tuned....

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