Monday, June 17, 2013

nobody's home

so off we go in our canoe one morning of our Amazon Manatee Explorer voyage to visit the home of a local family- this is a relative of one of the boatmen who has been working on our boat.  we arrive and Raul got off the canoe and assisted us in the jump across the muddy bank and up to the path into the jungle-

he asked us to wait while he went to the "house" and then came back shortly to inform us that they were out (had the "door closed"- photo to follow) but that we can walk around the grounds to see some of the way they lived-

they had a dog and a couple of cats and lots of chicken (a cash crop) but not much else- oh - I forgot, lots of laundry which it is a huge ordeal to dry in the rain forest/jungle they live in- they do have some drying area under cover but not enough for all the laundry they had... but as usual the photos are worth a thousand words or more--- so on to those starting with the path to their "house" and their "closed front door"

if no one is home then they put a sheet of corrugated metal over the steps or the ladder they use as their entrance-

the chickens were feasting on bananas and also on Styrofoam chips- LOL- there is a reason it is called "bird brain" LOL--- the puppy was happy to see us but kept wanting to jump up and as you can see the "yard" was a sea of mud... so he got no one to rub his head or play with him...

a machete is an absolute necessity here-

they had begun an addition to the house along side the kitchen platform- the poles are from the jungle as will be the roofing material for the thatching-

you can see the cat head in the background but he/she didnt' make an appearance-

 this one walked on the roof for a better view of the intruders-

these jugs carried all the necessities - cooking oil, fuel for the "car" (boat) and perhaps even fuel for the "stove"- the laundry was done right from the river bank-

we headed back to our floating hotel and had an excellent lunch-

next up - an afternoon on the black water river (oops I promised that last time) guess I forgot- oh well--- next time - really!

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