Friday, July 8, 2011

another travel day

we left the camp early as we need to cross borders on this big travel day.  we took our small planes back to Livingstone (Vic Falls) Zambia airport - roughly a two hour flight and then transferred out of the country by bus into the Vic Falls Zimbabwe airport.  From there we took another small plane flight to Hwange National Park.  The Zimbabwe crossing was relatively smooth as we had double entry visas from the last time.

We arrive at Makalolo Plains camp (also known as Linkwasha II) and are given the honeymoon suite- LOL.

we start with tea and a game drive since our drives will be limited here due to one day scheduled as a day out in a local village. 

Right away we go to the watering hole near the camp- in this park there is no natural water.  In the dry season they pump water from the underground aquifer into large watering holes throughout the park to support the animals in getting what they need.  Here we see a large herd of elephants drinking before moving on.  We also see the usual impala and zebra and a few giraffe.

Since we had several game drives in the two days in a row- I will post our highlights before going on to the day we visited the school and village- during our drive back from the village we saw cheetah number two so stay tuned.

and here is our day time cheetah---- isn't he/she magnificent?

so on now to the school and village day- see you soon in Ngamo village - 

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