Friday, July 8, 2011

village life

we leave early for the village which is between two and three hours drive away.  it is a typical rural village in Zimbabwe.  itis many hours on the train to the nearest city - and the train comes by at 2 AM each day- if you want to go to the city you need to get the train at this station-

first we meet a few villagers on the road on the way in-

then we came to one of the homesteads and farms

then we visited a school and met with some of the teachers and students

and then on to the family of the village headman- Mr. Johnson

the men in the winter dining room during our meeting with Mr. Johnson

Mrs. Johnson in the kitchen

the family laundry - done by the daughter in law (not a good job to have in the homestead)

then finally to the local crafts market and then towards home-

we stop along the way for cheetah (who was quite lazy in the heat of the day- relaxing under the shade of the nearby tree)

tomorrow we are off again to Vic Falls- for a two night stay in semi-civilization before going to Cape Town for some more time there before heading home.

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