Sunday, July 3, 2011

chobe day one

The day starts at 6AM with drumming for a wake up call.  A quick light breakfast and we are off by 7AM for our first game drive and fairly quickly we get lucky and within about 40 minutes we see a number of giraffe feeding on tree tops.  We are even luckier when 90 minutes into the first drive we have found a group of six female lions moving away from the river.  They had hunted last night and later we find the kill – a zebra stripped to merely the spine between the lions who ate first and then various others including hyenas and jackals.

what's left of the zebra

We are also introduced to herds of impala and kudu and Cape buffalo all in short order although many of the sightings we have later will give us better viewings.

We return to the camp for a hearty brunch and a rest period before we re-convene in the early afternoon to meet some village women who do basket weaving and they show us all how they make the different colors and patterns in the various baskets. 

Then it’s time for tea and afterward we leave for game drive two where we go to the river directly as all the animals do for the afternoon drinks.  We have ours at river’s edge after seeing a pod of hippos and numerous elephant herds down at the river.

We return as the sun is setting and have dinner at the main lodge hall.

tomorrow a full day for game drive and a river cruise....

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