Sunday, July 3, 2011

a day on the river

Today is our leisurely day – on the river.  Most of the group goes out for both a morning and evening boat ride but Phil sleeps in and joins us for brunch when we return from the morning trip.  We had seen lots and lots of hippos in and out of the water.  A few crocodiles were spotted and many many birds including a large number of anhinga which is also known as the African Darter here. We also see a fair number of kingfisher types and at least one fishing eagle (who closely resembles an American bald eagle.)

The vegetation along the river is quite varied- and includes palm trees which we didn’t really expect to see here.   Also this park is where we saw sausage trees.

The afternoon is taken up by packing as we are off very very early tomorrow and have another longer transfer day into Hwange Park in Zimbabwe (Zim – to the locals.)

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