Sunday, July 3, 2011

delta day

The big drive starts with breakfast outside and it is very chilly.  We get into our jeeps and head out we fairly quickly find tracks of a lion which we follow for about an hour before we catch up with him.  He is alone.  He apparently is separated from his group and is looking around for them.  He does not appear to be hungry so the guide thinks he is searching for his group. 

Later on, just before morning coffee/tea time we find the bachelor pride of three lions – the dominant and two younger brothers.  We watch them for a while and when the other guy doesn’t show up we head out of their range to have our tea.  By the time we are done we thought the lone male would have joined them but the three have moved on.

From there we go around the park we are seeking the leopard – the elusive leopard and the only one we haven’t seen of the big four- as there are no longer the big five as the rhino population has been decimated by poaching and hunting.  So we have seen the elephant and lions and Cape buffalo but no leopard yet.  This afternoon we see elephants bathing and zebra herds and lots and lots of impala.  LOL – so many we all are getting very blas√© about it. 

We do learn a lot about birds and plants and various details of the giraffe and elephant life.  We return quite late to camp and head to our tents for a brief rest until dinner in the lodge.  Again an early night for another early morning tomorrow.

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