Sunday, July 3, 2011

cheetah we are looking for you!

I think I may not have mentioned it but in the delta the overnight low in our unheated accommodations was 32*Fahrenheit on the last night there so we are thrilled to find 41* the next morning in Zamiba.  We are up at 6AM so we can be on the road by 7 AM – why?  The answer becomes clear pretty darn quickly when the day goes on and by 10 AM we are being tortured by tsetse flies who come out midday.  We are back at camp before 10:15 and have time to get one of us showered before the lavish brunch – eggs to order and lots fo good fruit and salads.
After brunch we have some free time to complete showers and do “smalls” so the laundry can dry before dark.  Then at 3:30 we have tea and by 4:30 we are back on the road where the tsetse flies drive us nuts every time we stop to look at something.  We see a bush pig which is a big deal to our guide Sam as he sees them only about three times a year.  It looked very much like a wild boar.
Finally the sun goes down and they go away.  We  begin our night safari with the red light and we are again lucky with Sam – guide extraordinaire – we spot a cheetah in the grass a few yards away from the road.  We track him as he moves- no hanging around like our leopard of last night, this guy is non-stop motion.
I got one photo and only I will ever be able to see the cheetah on this one- but we did track his movements – going off road – for about ten minutes.

Our group is lucky – the other one didn’t see the cheetah and he was gone by the time they got to us. (later note- we do get to see another cheetah in Zimbabwe during the day and get some better photos - so don't give up hope!) 

We head back elated- on the way we see a genet (a member of the same family as civets) and had two bush baby sightings.  Dinner is again a lovely spread and ends with a poached pear in red wine sauce that was excellent. 

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