Saturday, September 22, 2012

final day of cartagena

early on our last morning we walked to the "regular folks" neighborhood of Getsemani and while more of a range of housing levels than the old town - it mostly seemed up and coming to me...

 the entrance to the old town from the outside
I couldn't have gotten this one if I tried!  


then on to the Fortress San Felipe- where several opted out of the climb in the noonday sun at 98* and 99% humidity - BUT- Jairo had water if we needed it... we looked so bedraggled he had taken pity on us at this point and right around the corner from the photo above got us to a stop for beers and sodas (his treat!)

from there we headed to the water to see the city from that view:


including the quickly disappearing eco-system for the waterfowl and wildlife-

one more post on final thoughts and miscellaneous photos and we will end our trip.  Good thing- because in the upcoming week we have one night at home - theater, Chicago Gourmet, a meal long awaited at Goosefoot (reservations three month out and a wait list) a birthday party for our friend Arno, a dinner party here for friends, a couple of "business" related lunches and in ten days we are off to Scandinavia!

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