Saturday, September 22, 2012

the balconies of cartagena

at the end of the Colombia trip Jairo asked us to say what memory we would take home from the trip and as we went around the circle of fifteen of us everyone had different things they mentioned (a perfect example of everyone has their own trip - even in a group) - when it came to my turn I said:

"of course being a lawyer I can never give ONE answer and said the three memories I will take home are: the Gold Museum in Bogota, even that morning I texted my husband OMG Gold Museum!- then the balconies of Cartagena and third the way Jairo worked his magic on everyone and got us into all the places we weren't allowed or to the front of the line, that there wasn't anyone he couldn't charm."

the group laughed in recognition...

so before I turn to blogging about the time we spent and the things we saw in Cartagena- let me post some of the balconies of Cartagena that made it so memorable:

even the ones onthe unrestored homes have a certain charm...

next up more of Cartagena- as we tour the city in extreme heat early in the day - and with lots of water (thanks Jairo!)

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