Thursday, September 20, 2012

the ladies

as I mentioned before the ladies in Bolivia - especially the older ones or the rural ones still dress very traditionally- so I thought I would show some of the ladies we saw along the way - they do not like to have their photo taken because of superstitious beliefs that their spirit is stolen by the camera- so many of these were either taken from behind or on the sly....

the traditional bowler for sale in a market stall-

and some more photos of miscellaneous things along the way - I thought this store front amusing...

these post cards unusual- and we didn't see too many of the regular sort - not sure why-

the candy colorful and in interesting patterns - not displayed the way we do it...

the woven fabric vivid and eye catching!

the jewelry delicate and shimmering

the embroidery caught my eye because of the Bolivian dog in the center-

and then two final photos - La Paz at night-

both taken from my hotel room- on the evening before we left.  verdict- interesting place but physically challenging to be at that altitude when you dwell at sea level in day to day life.

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