Friday, September 21, 2012

we explore Bogota - part one

I know for sure this will be a multi part post because we did so much in one day much less the following days while still in the area.... so off we go on the morning of our second day in Colombia.

a sneak preview from the day to start off (a detail from one of the exquisite gold pieces on display in the Gold Museum)

we started the day by meeting our local guide Andres a handsome and funny young man who obviously enjoys his job.  we head out of the hotel (after Jairo gives us more water- LOL) and toward the government center of town.  but first - across the street the body guards of various ministers at the Foreign Affairs Ministry.  The various bosses in the meetings so they wait outside until their person leaves the building.

we get to the second corner and the area is blocked off to pedestrians and car traffic as it is high security around the presidential palace... never fear - Jairo - magic door opener every where we went - goes to speak to them about getting us into the secured area.  we must show our bags to the guards but can pass around the barrier and there is one place where we cannot walk on the sidewalk on one side of the street. 

here are some photos of the secure area - and the very friendly guards-

this guy posed for about ten photos with various combinations of our group members - I have to admit I have no idea why people want their photos taken with guards but it is common around the world (think Buckingham Palace)

then we heard a marching band- it turned out to be practice from the barracks nearby - magic doorman Jairo gets us in again- here we see how laid back the dogs are in Colombia as one sleeps during the marching (BOOM BOOM BOOM) band practice- LOL

we head back to the cathedral square to see some more government buildings including the hall of justice -

from here we head to the Gold Museum- an extraordinary collection of pre-Columbian art that just absolutely takes your breath away.  on the last day of the trip I cited it as one of my three top memories of Colombia.

so already we have seen and done so much and it isn't even noon- but the second and third parts of the day will come in additional posts!

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