Friday, September 21, 2012

still not quite done

with Bogota... the following morning we left for Monserrate Hill. We took a funicular up (there is also a cable car but apparently they do not run at the same time, so you get one or the other or you walk up - some do it on their knees)

we walk the hill slowly stopping at the various botanical specimens - including one that they say is the basis for the Colombian flag colors.  the hill top church has a famous black Madonna and a famous very tortured Jesus carving along with many offerings of thanks for prayers granted and illness healed. 

while up there we eat ants- yes ants- and not chocolate coated ones either- these are known locally as "big-ass ants"-

they weren't too bad- mostly crunchy- not much flavor LOL- here is the guy who sold us the ants and some stands of "stuff" nearby---

we leave the hill and head into town- there are tons of museums in Bogota and we just scratch the surface- today we are headed to the Botero Museum and the complex also houses the museum of money and the one with the armaments (swords etc.)

after this we head to a hearty lunch of Bandeja Paisa (and Bob's birthday cake- since dinner is on our own tonight we celebrate at lunch)

then it is off for our last stop of the day - to learn the secrets of coffee.  Here we find out details of the whole coffee making process and we pick on a line, we roast, we taste and slurp and sniff- LOL - we have fun with it- putting on aprons and hair nets...

through rush hour traffic home - we are back at the hotel around 5:45 PM - tomorrow we are out of town to the salt mines so our days in Bogota are coming to an end....

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