Saturday, October 27, 2012

let's talk Danish

Ha- like I could teach you--- not!

but as I have mentioned my husband speaks Danish and so when he read my blog entries he started telling me everything that I had misspelled etc...

so this a make your own corrections post for the former ones with flaws-

the transit card is not a klipkort it is a klippekort (BFD)

the stop is KongENs Nytor not Kong's Nytor--- OK so you probably still could have found it if you needed to right????

and you will never guess why I spelled them that way--- it was because that is how they are pronounced- LOL

not that either of those two words contained an R but they have a real issue with Rs  in Denmark--- the man we went to visit - Martin - is pronounced in the fancy pants Boston way "MAH-tin" like "Pahk the Cah in Havad Yahd" - LOL

Aase has a niece that is named Carolina- a lovely name - but when Phil told me her name he called her COW A Leena (phonetic spelling) which - at least in the US would be a disaster for a girl to be called...

so let me do my disclaimer here- I don't speak Danish nor Finnish nor Swedish (unless you count a mean Swedish Chef imitation- LOL) so I will undoubtedly make some errors along the way- I beg your indulgence and ask that you read for the spirit of the entry if not the letter of it....

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