Friday, October 26, 2012

on with Sunday

so after lunch we headed over to the area of Christiania - a former military installation which was deserted and then claimed by hippie/activist/60's druggies etc. 

they had  planned a Utopian community - LOL- somehow they ended up with a lot of rules- signs everywhere telling you what to do and what not do- pretty funny to me....

oh and you are NOT allowed to take pictures there- we were warned both before going in and actually - by a resident on the way out who seeing my camera said to me "be very careful, I have seen people cut" - LOL I wasn't going to take any but this hardly seems Utopian free love and peace to me- more Nazi like - but hey I am an aging capitalist...what do I know- maybe cutting people for taking photographs is the free society way of doing things-

I mean seriously - do these people think this makes them seem cool and hip? not to me... can you say "distopia"? they had as many rules there as an army does in most countries...

so along the way we stopped at the way cool church in Christianshavn - so here are the photos including a few taken on the way in to Christiania before the first of the no photos signs plastered everywhere....

first stop the bridgetender's house which was cool because you can see the opera house through the porthole windows in the doors.

then we found our way to the church by keeping the spire in our sights along the way-

poor elephants- they sure look like they are weighted down with that organ they are holding up....

and on to "hippie central" - LOL

below a poster celebrating 41 years of occupation of the naval property- mind you all these photos were taken on the periphery of the place - the actual village being off limits to photography-

detail of the poster:

so we walked across the bridge back to our hotel in the center of town and called for an early dinner reservation at Le Sommelier (where we had eaten on both prior trips to CPH) it was within moderate walking distance and they could take us early - jet lag and no nap catching up with us...


the "everything chocolate" dessert sampler won the evening - which you can clearly see - LOL- it was Phil's order but I got to eat the coffee creme brulee!

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