Wednesday, October 24, 2012

probably the last

warm - actually hot - day of 2012.... our horrible hot summer dove into a cool very cool September and now here we are at the end of October-

we had to turn on the heat in the buildings earlier this year than the last two years and now that we have been heating the buildings for almost three weeks we get a 75* day.  and it seems the forecast for tomorrow is hotter- so the AC is back on at OUR house....

but in the midst of all the fall travel we haven't missed the colors- which I snapped a few photos of along the short walk I took while picking up the yard- until yesterday the locust trees were a magnificent yellow but the rain took their leaves down in the last day....

a neighbor has three burning bushes that turn the most vivid red each fall:

our next door neighbor has a lovely tree that turns red and gold each year while our japanese plum stays its burgundy color until much later-

this photo does not do justice to the vines I see from the window at the kitchen sink- they are beautiful shades of yellow and yellow green this time of year-

the next shots of our yard with a bush out front then some of the plumbago from the back yard  along with osme of our last hydrangeas and pachysandra from the side yard - then final the ivy from the front porch which now covers quite a bit of the steps wall and the whole side wall to the west of the porch.

soon the signs of life will turn dormant and we will head into winter but right now - every living thing is going full speed  ahead while the sun is shining and it is warm!

OK so I went to the kitchen window and took a photo - that also doesn't do the view justice (due to the screen) but the colors show up better than the other photo so here it is-

now I think I have procrastinated long enough- time to get to the Nordic photos!

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