Friday, October 26, 2012

sunday in CPH

we called Aase shortly after breakfast- she had taken and early morning flight from Jutland and would be staying with an old friend who lived only one Metro stop away from Kongs Nytor (where our hotel was located).  she stayed in Jutland until Sunday AM because her sister Alys (spelling?) was celebrating her 60th birthday on Saturday night while we were at Poul and Lene's chowing down on flaeskesteg. 

we agreed to meet at the hotel lobby and head out from there.  since the morning was breaking blue sky through dark clouds we decided to go over to Nyhavn - I wanted to get some photos while I had some sun because the forecast was quite iffy for the whole time we were scheduled in CPH.

one there we decided to take the canal boat tour - while the sun came and went it WAS dry - so we hoped on one of the boats at Nyhavn... and here are some photos along the way-


as you can see the weather was in and out of sun and dark clouds- but we had no rain- so we were happy- chilly and cloudy (while not great for photos) is much better than rain which ruins photos as well as the day for walking touring....

we had reached lunch time and so we headed along Nyhavn to find a place for lunch- with some photo stops along the way of course-



we ended up choosing this place for what turned out to be a really good lunch:

we continued on after the refueling stop but I will put that part of the day in another post as there are plenty more photos to go with our journey back to 1960s hippie-dom....

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