Wednesday, October 24, 2012

mighty macku

remember I mentioned in an earlier post that we were scheduled for a meal with the CG at Macku on Clyborn Avenue south of Fullerton.

a really really interesting meal- completely different from other Chicago Gourmet dinners - some nigiri sushi and some sashimi - some fabulous tastes in unusual combinations or preparations-

OK - so I forgot to take a photo of the oyster shooter - but that was because I was busy talking my seat mate out of hers- LOL- but the next course was an astounding carrot soup.  I hate cooked carrots (too sweet) but this blew me away- it had a real kick and none of that cloying sweetness that you usually get in carrot dishes.

in order from left to right - the white tuna, the benitoro, the ebi, the clam and the mackerel: the first three were fabulous- the last two not so much.....

the beef course above and the extraordinary salmon three ways below- here I would say the ends beat the middle but it was a very close race!

and this is something I have never had before - fish for dessert- with chocolate, almonds and strawberry jam and baby bok choy (I didn't make it up but I sure did eat it up...LOL)

so excellent meal - at a place that clearly has escaped our notice but hasn't escaped Michelin's notice-

good job Judy!  (the CG board member who put the dinner together) we really enjoyed the creative approach to this meal - despite the fact that we had sushi for dinner last night and are having salmon tomorrow night before the theater....

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