Wednesday, October 24, 2012

minds blown!

both of them- I have now started (just started) on the Nordic Capitals photos and immediately find- a huge job - so to break it down into smaller parts I will start with our dinner on the last night of the trip-

we dined at the amazing, mind blowing Gastrologik in Stockholm.  I am not really sure how we even scored a reservation -

there is no menu- there is a very small sign on the door (you could easily miss it) - it costs a small fortune and it is worth every cent.... I don't really need to say the blah blah blah about "we've dined all over the world" etc. which I find so insufferable from reviewers at online sites.  - AND this is one of the best meals we have ever had world wide - along with being in the top price category as well.

as I said there is no menu and I wish I had made some notes but I will stumble through the multi multi courses and see what I can remember of the specifics. In this instance a take away menu might be a nice thing- but here goes:

the sign near the door (about actual size)

at each table is a hard bound book that gives more information about the how the food is "sourced" - it is your gift to take with you at the end of the evening-

the place settings are resting in an elk antler bone segment

this is the menu- you are given a large card which opens up- on the left hand side this is what it says in the upper left hand corner-

and this is what it says in the lower right hand corner:

those are the choices- three courses or six- but don't be fooled- you are going to go through and odyssey of way more than six courses.

here is a bit more information about who they are and what they believe-

we ordered a bottle of Chassagne Montrachet thinking that a big white would probably be suited to just about any course they could serve us from the unknown menu-

the waiter asked if while they chilled the white they could serve us some amuse bouche- LOL- like we would refuse - LOL and here we go on the amuse courseS-

beet ice cream and a slice of frozen beet 

quail eggs made into a sort of custard

raw Kobe beef served with a painting of sauce that made it taste somewhat grilled

the first part of a bread soup made from yesterday's bread burned and puree (it may sound awful but it tasted sublime) kind of deep and rich like earthy coffee---

gougeres with a scent of juniper:

the three breads all house made and made from the same ingredients in different ways- they were served with a rock topped with the incredible butter from somewhere in the north of Sweden:

OK so those were the amuse courses (all six of them) and now our wine was ready and the meal "began" (?) LOL

I hope Phil can remember the first course - some veggie thing as they told us they start with vegetables and then fish and then meat courses (that was all that was revealed ahead of time)

above- although this looked and tasted like potato- it was I believe made with mushrooms and below- could be foie gras - LOL- why oh why did I not write some notes?????

the lobster and green tomato course:

at this point the waiter recommended that we order a glass of red to accompany the next  secret course - we of course chose the burgundy-

to go with:

duck and truffles above and below the cheese course-

a palate cleanser

the desserts begin- squash ice cream

a sweeter choice for the next course- but what exactly???? LOL

then a box of little treasures (two layers) on the bottom brownie like things and the top had tuiles and various other treats

I wish the photos were better to really show off the amazing beauty of the food but I didn't want to use flash so as not to disturb other diners. So hopefully you can get a bit of the sense of the meal.

below: hard at work a Rational oven (see Calihan review called "been there done that?" from August 7, 2012 - earlier this year)

and the team members too!

and finally - in case you are anywhere near Stockholm and get a hankering for a mind blowing meal- get in touch via these methods:

I think we can safely say you will have a completely unique experience and one of the best meals of your life- in a relaxed atmosphere with first rate service! 

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