Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tuesday comes quickly

Our last day with Aase for this trip- the time has gone by quite quickly - lots of walking - did I mention the cobblestones? LOL

On this Tuesday morning we set out for a hike up to see the Little Mermaid and the fortress that she sits near.  Then we planned a stop at the Resistance Museum. As we exited the museum it starts to rain and by only two blocks away it is a downpour!

we make a quick executive decision to stop right there for lunch and go into Boheme Bistro which has a french accent.  Aase orders the croque madame and I  the herb omelet, Phil has the mussels. The place is very nice with good bread and a friendly atmosphere.  while we eat the rain stops and so we head on our way all the way across town to the Jewish Museum.  After our stop there we go to the Palace to see the tapestries that had been woven over a decade to celebrate the queen's birthday (started when she was 50???? and finished when she was 60????) - they are modern but have lots of tales to tell of Danish and world history. 

By the end of the day Phil is not feeling too perky and so we go back to the hotel and agree to call about how things might go for dinner.  After getting a bit of rest he feels somewhat better - I want a more simple meal and suggest we just go over to Nyhavn and check out menus for dinner rather than something more elaborate.  We pick a place and I have the fresh pea soup and then a burger - which were both excellent.  Aase had lamb chops and Phil the burger... given that Nyhavn is touristy we had low expectations but both the lunch and now the dinner we had along the canal were both very good. 

so photos of the day- starting with the stained glass window outside the breakfast room- and continuing along the walk to the little gal by the sea...

 and here she is!

this little guy was grounded by really fierce wind that he couldn't work against- so he sat down for a while-

by now the sky was looking quite ominous...

so we ducked into the Resistance Museum just a it started to sprinkle-

our emergency lunch plans in the face of the downpour- Bistro Boheme on Esplanade...

after we left lunch and on the way to the next museum we saw a bakery window with Phil's two favorite things T- Ber-kass rolls and Snye La pastries (as you can see from the Danish labels I have spelled his pronunciation phonetically - LOL)

after our hike across town we made it to the area of the Biblioteque... isn't that French?  they probably spell it with a "tek" at the end or something...LOL

no photos inside - so this is it for the Jewish Museum- but let me say my favorite exhibit was about the one group disagreeing with the other and forming their own synagogue and then that one having the same thing happen and the next one the same- fractious "group" - still true...

then on to the palace to see the tapestries:

we ended up here for dinner- a cozy place for a dreary evening - our final night together for this trip...

we walked Aase to the Metro and went back to the hotel to pack for our trip to Helsinki on Wednesday.  Boarding passes printed out earlier we only had to take the Metro a couple of stops to get back to the airport and we had saved our last "klips" for the journey....

always good to spend time with Aase and we were lucky enough to get in a dinner with Poul who has made himself quite scarce the last few years- and just made it in time for dinner with Martin and Susan before they headed off to warmer climes with the kids (autumn school holidays in Denmark.)

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