Saturday, October 27, 2012

Monday comes

and we had decided to take a short trip into Sweden.  The only time I had been in Sweden before was a "technical" -  I had arrived at the airport in Malmo Sweden and taken a bus to Copenhagen.  So in my world airport land is not a true visit to another country - it doesn't "count."

my mother and I had "technically" been to Finland in that we had flown to Helsinki on our way to Estonia but we only changed planes there so my first trip to Helsinki will be this one.

but back to Sweden....less than an hour away is a university town with a cathedral from the centuries back- Lund... so we decided to take a day trip there.  back to scary Norreport where this time the train did come - and then out past the CPH airport and on past Malmo and up north to Lund.  When we got off the train there was a market in the square outside the train station parking lot- LOL

LOL because the station parking was thousands of OK maybe a thousand but certainly hundreds and hundreds of bicycles-

as we left the square we passed a small food stand selling the local sausage that they are apparently renown for here in Lund. we almost immediately located to local inn recommended as a lunch place and noted it for later return. we headed into the town in the general direction of everyone else because we didn't yet have maps. 

on the way to the tourist information we saw the cathedral and found a service going on - so it was temporarily closed to visitors of the non religious kind.  the TI was just down the street and so we got all kinds of info there.  the weather is crisp and cool but mostly sunny.

the open air museum was closed on Monday but we walked the neighborhood - we visited the cathedral and the crypt below it - we had a authentically local lunch - not in that order... and we took the train back to CPH. 

we agreed to meet later for dinner at the cute Restaurant l'Alsace off Stroget and I got a nap before hand-LOL- while Phil got caught up on the Cardinals dilemmas in the playoffs. 

here are some photos of the lovely Lund Sweden...

above the bike "lot" and below the sausage stand and an ad for the local sausage

the postman's bike- followed by one of many town bikers-

the sign here caught our attention- interesting value for money....
 something lost in the translation I guess - LOL

the local butcher's window (although I prefer my food not to be quite so cute..)

the town square where the TI was located - not far fromthe cathedral...

the lunch place we spied earlier on and returned to where I had the pancake with bacon and ligonberries-

after lunch we headed back to the cathedral

down into the crypt where there were a number of old graves and a really creepy coffin that was out in the open vampire style - below a window (to tell the fall of darkness? LOL) with a lit candle beside it...

back upstairs they had a really really cool astrological clock:

some more town buildings and a phenomena of Lund- bike seat shower caps for when showers hit - it keeps your seat dry and the bike's as well - LOL



and then we toured the area around the closed open air museum - which was a very quaint neighborhood with cottages and flower boxes.... the open air museum (shown in the map below)

and finally as we headed to the train station we saw these adorable kitty slippers in the window of a store- if only I knew the shoe size of our little buddy Alix---she would be wearing a pair of these now!

and my dinner that evening- an astounding duck, after oysters to start and the "all chocolate" dessert- excellent!

excellent day- the next day- more around Copenhagen and a big storm right before lunch!

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