Thursday, October 25, 2012

saturday in CPH

we got up well in time for breakfast and went downstairs to find the dining room crowded with Swedes.  the breakfast was quite good with those fabulous Danish baked goods and pastries and the northern European style buffet of meats and cheeses along with soft boiled eggs and some salad style things. 

we looked in the guide book and our various articles about lunch places - and decided to check out one Rick Steve's recommended along Stroget (the main pedestrian street in CPH) that had smorrebord. 

meanwhile we set out for a walk so early that none of the stores were open at this hour...

oops - meanwhile I mean to include this map in the last post but here it is- for everyone to see the "big picture" of the three cities we were visiting on this trip- highlighted in yellow

and here is the reason we were not doing Norway again right now- the previous trip places are now circled in red---

anyway- back to the morning-  I have lots of photos to show things in CPH...
first we walked by a bar that Phil used to go to with Poul and his sister (Martin's mom) - you can see it has been there a while! LOL

then as we turned on to Stroget we found things in the windows in group of three (hmmmm- does this mean something in Danish?)

then we came upon a lovely little passageway with a couple of cafes and a restaurant we marked for possible return -

 a cute bird fountain in front of a half timbered house from waaaay back was located in the courtyard with the noted restaurant.

back out on Stroget and then off another branching street brought us to a paper and pen store (can you say "buggy whip"?) right next to a lovely church:

you can see the leaves have started turning and some have even fallen from the trees- the 5th of October is the date of the photo- only a little bit ahead of the Chicago fall colors I think-

cobble stones- charming on the first day of the trip- tiresome to walk on by the fourteenth day- LOL - especially when you are frequently walking longer distances upon them....

but there is always something good along the way to distract you-

yummy pastries in lots of varieties and many colorful body wash choices as well

two windows from the Royal Copenhagen store along Stroget

along the way-

celebrating 100 years at one of the famous konditori (pastry) shops- we always stop at their window just off Stroget - and below our first look at the lunch place but it is too early to stop quite yet...

a kiosk where Phil used to buy the IHT newspaper when in Denmark - it is now a coffee shop (isn't everything?)

the polser (sausage) wagon across the square - not the only one on Stroget but even at 10:30 in the morning -this one had customers!

and here a store where Phil used to buy pipe tobacco when he was "affecting" a pipe - named for Poul Hansen LOL

we finally gave up and stopped for lunch as we were turning into those zombie like beings created by jet lag...LOL and here is some of our lunch

not shown - Phil's herring course and the fried plaice - can't really speak to the herring but the plaice was excellent- the frikadellen shown above was good and the shrimps and liver sausage were traditional- we had way too much food- over ordering brought on by Phil's excitement about seeing his old favorites.

we walked back to the hotel stopping at the Magasin du Nord store for some wine to take to Poul's  house that night. I took a nap while Phil went on the Internet to follow the cardinals (who somehow managed to make the playoffs) and we arranged the timing of our trip to the "north shore" that evening.

more on that in the next post from CPH-

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